Bioregional Mapping

Do you know that we are in the process of mapping the bioregion?

Kazhiveli map

Every day we are surrounded by a multitude of maps: street maps, political maps, world maps, geophysical maps, and so on. Maps can be powerful visual sources of information embodying an unchallenged truth. Bioregion resource mapping provides an alternative way of thinking about map production and use, adding information about the people who inhabit the land.

Our intention is to document the Kaliveli bioregion collecting village histories, folklore, archaeological information and traditional practices working with the villages to create community-made maps. Such resource mapping will be useful for planning, educational, community development, and cultural interpretation purposes.Our dream is that every village will have a knowledge hub with this map and its collected information, to be proud of its heritage and resources.

Bioregional maps are important alternative sources of knowledge. They can be used by a community for self-empowerment and to (re)develop a sense of place and a connection to the land. They can be tools of resistance, of education or of identity. They can be presented and distributed through schools, community meetings, museums, libraries and so on.

We have group of members from various units of Auroville working on collecting and sharing information. We meet once in a month (first Thursday of month) to share the information.

Current need: We need Tamil Speaking volunteers to go to the villages to work with the communities and collect mapping related information. If interested, please contact: 

To find out more please follow the link



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